FS19 Maps ELLERBACH MAP V1.0.0.0


Welcome to beautiful Bavaria. Here in southern Germany are the three little villages Oberellerbach, Unterellerbach and Bachern.
It is recommended to start a new game with medium or high difficulty. Otherwise the money will not suffice to buy enough farmlands.

- More than 160 fields and meadows
- 7 farms:
o 4x Dairy farm, 2 of which with own biogas plant
o 2x Pig farm
o 1x Sheep farm
- Also buyable are:
o 1x Biogas Plant
o 2x Horse paddock
o 2x Field shelter
o 1x small machine shed
- 2 selling stations for all kinds of grain: BayWa and Raiffeisen
- New fruit type Rye. This is mowable in the penultimate growth stage.
- More terrain angles
- Several buyable forests
- Fire brigade and church with sounds
- ClipDistance-Control
- Sawmill and selling station for woodchips
- Countless new objects
- More than 2 years of construction
- Forgotten Plants textures by Eribus

Required Mods:
- Old mashinery shed (By: VertexDezign)
- Fuel Station (By: VertexDezign)

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