FENDT 9460 R

FS17 Combines FENDT 9460 R V1.3


Version 1.3:
- Adjusted unloading.
- I fixed the right mirror.
- Raised the reapers.

Hopper capacity: 12500 liters.
Speed: 31 km/h.
Cost: 150000.
Working mirrors, dashboard, lighting.
Included 2 harvesters for corn and grain.
Working width: 9/9 meters.
Operating speed: 10/10 km/h.
Price: 43000/41000.
Everything gets dirty / washed.
The script of the passenger.
The log is clean.
fendt-9460-r-1-3_5.jpg fendt-9460-r-1-3_1.jpg fendt-9460-r-1-3_2.jpg fendt-9460-r-1-3_3.jpg
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