FS19 vs FS17 - Worth the Upgrade?

At the moment, I do wonder. It is basically the same as FS17; same insane 'helpers', same basic machinery choices, unimaginative farms. Apart from the detail being finer, and the visual effects flashier and way more memory intensive, I think for me there are only a few enjoyable additions, but nothing to justify the price. I admit to enjoying the dog and the horses, the ability to enter houses is questionable, but it is nice to now sleep.

Again, for me - a personal choice - the vehicle steering is an annoyance, as is the inability to set a certain speed on a vehicle. And weeds, seriously? With no clear explanation to when to weed? Fields too elevated that harvesters can't work them?

If I wanted an exact farming experience, I'd go to a real farm. Computer games are just that - games.
After allowing more time to play FS19, I wish to change my initial review of it. Now many good mods are being created, the game becomes more of what it should have been at its release. Now I can play and enjoy it, though I will admit that having more money to start a farm helps, even if it is a cheat. I will admit to missing many of the mods I had in FS17.

Personally I am waiting for Stevie to start producing his farms, as they were the best in FS17. Overall, yes - it was worth upgrading to FS19.